Model Toudi

If you’re looking for a lightweight Fatbike frame with a sporting edge, you’ve come to the right place. Toudi feels good on backpacks and off-road trails in the mountains. The refined geometry allows you to ride for a full year with a big smile on your face. Every detail of this frame was pampered in our design office, and then tested in our laboratory. High precision by making all parts on CNC devices. Each model is manually welded. From the beginning of its existence, Toudi passed annual tests on bicycle training ground in Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Size S / M, L / XL, XXL (on request).

All the most importantelements of the framearemade in CNC technology, obtaining high precision of the elements, whileachievinglowweight and high stiffness

A double set of fastenersallowsyou to transport a waterbottle / security in a convenient place for you.

With changingstandards, we enable the use of components from the bestmanufacturers in the world.

Allourframesmeet the latesttaperedstandards. The heads of the framesaremade in CNC technology 44 / 56mm.

Each frame in the set has semi-integrated rudders on machine bearings (with an additional Tapered / Ahead reduction), adapter set 190 / 197mm and a dedicated 12mm axis.

All our frames are painted in a special team painting (two-color). Each frame is painted by hand with attention to detail and finally polished.

Unique project, creating a unique framework. Create a unique pattern, choose a unique paint or choose your own geometry and send to us!


Wheel size 26″ 26″ 26″
Angle of the head of the frame 69° 69° 69°
The length of the head 125mm 135mm 135mm
Angle of the seat tube 73° 73° 73°
Length of the fork 450mm 450mm 450mm
Lowering the slide 60mm 60mm 60mm
The length of the seat tube 430mm 470mm 490mm
Frame spacing 406mm 447mm 457mm
Effective length of the upper tube 589mm 633mm 646mm
Height of the frame 599mm 609mm 621mm
Wheel base 1111-1116 1156-1161 1170-1175
Suggested increase in cyclist 168-180cm 178-190cm 189-200cm

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