individual approach and passion

Each of us is different. Unique in its own way. There are no two same people in the world. Every year, traveling around the world, we met various people. Even if they were similar to each other and at first had similar behaviors, they turned out to be completely different with every second of the conversation. Since the beginning of the creation of bikeswithbenefits we have tried to preserve individuality. We did not want to create copies of existing products on the market adapted to current marketing trends. Although our first model completely stood out from this segment, it was still not enough. This is how the Unique project was created. A project aimed at symbiosis between the user and the bicycle. Transfer of your characteristics to the bicycle. Show your true personality while riding a bicycle.

Custom geometry

One of the highlights of the Unique project is the ability to choose your own geometry. Based on information from you regarding your riding style, height, weight and even your preferences, we are able to choose the right geometry.

Size plus

Most manufacturers limit access to the world of bicycles for some people by the often low load capacity of their bikes. It doesn’t matter to us how much you want to transport or carry all your belongings on your back. We offer frames with a load capacity of up to 200kg!


In times of monotonous inscriptions and designs, show the world your face. It doesn’t matter if you are a sheep of nature or a real boar. Express yourself through unique painting. Inspire the world with your bike.


Individual inscription with your favorite sentence emphasizing your character, which will give you a motivational kick every time looking at your favorite equipment, or maybe the name of a loved one?


Each of us has their favorite preferences when it comes to the selection of equipment. When I was little, I remember arguing about who has a better derailleur or a cooler grip color. With even this invaluable childhood experience in mind, we try to enable users to choose their own equipment. Based on our experience, we present ready sets, but you decide what you want to arm our frames with!

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